What I Learned in February

Psalm 25:4-5, Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths. Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long.

A brief run down of what I learned this past month.

  1. GRACE! I learned that I have been keeping grace in a neat tidy box. I received a generous portion, an undeserved amount, a bountiful serving the moment I first believed. Jesus opened up the flood gates, poured into my heart, and filled me with His love and acceptance. This month while reading Galatians and Ephesians and just through living this life the Lord has given me, He has taught me that His grace is a fountain. It wasn’t just what allowed me into His kingdom the moment I first believed. His grace is a constant supply, covering me every minute of every day.
  2. Encouragement=Praise. While singing worship songs to the Lord this month at church one Sunday, the Lord revealed to me a truth while singing the word, praise. When I encourage my loved ones with my words of praise and thankfulness, I am offering praise to my Creator. When I speak out loud words of truth about their character, worth, and loveliness, and I share words of thankfulness, I am agreeing with the Lord about His work in creating them. Encouraging my family equals praising Him, the one who created them.
  3. Best tips to help kids with anxiety and fears from Growing Up Brave by Donna Pincus. Worry Bag: Child writes down worry thought on a piece of paper. Examines the thought for truth. Restructures the thought. Writes new thought on the back of the paper. Places paper in the bag. Interoceptive Exposure: child induces many of the physical feelings they experience when anxious, takes note of them and how the body responds. For example, running in place until her heart is beating quickly. The child will note that it only takes a matter of a minute or two for her heart rate to return to normal once she stops. Bravery ladder: taking steps toward overcoming a fear. Growing Up Brave book
  4. Continuous brew kombucha is easier and is allowing us to have more kombucha so my husband and I both can drink it. Also, kombucha gives my husband energy to exercise and clean out the garage…all this was done without drinking any coffee! How to make kombucha
  5. My 11 year old will drink healthy GREEN juice, IF she makes it herself and it’s ALL her idea! green-juice
  6. It is possible to completely change a very bad parenting habit that served “to get us by when it was needed” in just 2 days! Praise Jesus!


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