Journey to Acceptance

When I began blogging, I knew that I didn’t have an area of expertise. Some writers blog exclusively about topics such as parenting, homeschooling, or cooking. Some have had formal training on their topic or have spent years researching and gathering information about their area of expertise.

I stared at the message wordpress sent me last week saying, Congratutions on Publishing 50 Posts! 50 posts? I remember counting the first few, but how did it reach 50?


Something about that message caused me to become reflective. Reflective about my purpose. Reflective about my goal. And, reflective about my future writing.

Six months ago, when I began Lisa Louise: Stories of Overcoming, I only knew I wanted to be Spirit-led. Each time I sit down to write, I do so because the Lord has put a message in me and it’s time to organize it into writing. I don’t feel I have an area of expertise, but rather a heart that is being cultivated by the Spirit.

In the 40 years leading up to my life as a blogger, I held on to many hurts and had many ideas of how I thought my life should be. The inner critic inside my head screamed loudly each chance I gave it.

Once I began blogging, it was like there was a new voice rising up in me. A much kinder, more creative, accepting voice. The inner critic still sneaks it’s slithery, condemning voice in, but the new voice is becoming louder, bolder, more frequent.

In a social gathering, you can bet I will be the one listening, nodding, taking in what others are saying. It’s unlikely you will hear my voice much at all. There are many reasons for this. I am an introvert with constant thoughts bouncing around in my mind. Also, I am an internal processor. My response to something that was said will often take hours or days to form. And, then there’s also that inner critic causing doubt and uncertainty.

With writing, I am finding my voice. The Lord gave me this outlet and it’s bringing about healing. It’s leading to a kinder inner and outer voice.

Do you walk around with words of doubt, fear,  or lies taking up space in your mind? That’s right where the enemy wants you. Listening to his sneaky, negative voice. Drowning out the Spirit. You will not be able to fully walk in His calling while listening to those lies.

Do you long to hear kind words being spoken in your mind? That is what the Lord wants for you. That  is how He speaks to you.

Here are a few ways in which writing is helping to tame my inner critic:

  1. Writing one or two sentences whenever I hear a sermon or read the Bible. The Lord tells us to be ready to share. How often have I left church, only able to say, “That was such a good message.” But, ask me what it was about it, and you would receive a blank stare. Writing a short summary about what I have learned or what I read helps to organize my thoughts and cement them in my brain.
  2. Keeping a journal. In my journal, I write approximately a paragraph about what the Lord is teaching me. It may have to do with my scripture reading, a book I am reading, or what He reveals to me through prayer, or through another person.
  3. Listing what I am grateful for. I write out 5 things I am grateful for each night. My family and I have also began a gratitude notebook which sits in a central location in our house. There is always a pen there (that’s the plan anyway!) and anyone at anytime can list something for which they are grateful. Want to replace negative thinking? Nothing is a quicker antidote for negative thinking than reading what your child lists in a gratitude notebook. Gratitude journal
  4. Keeping notes in the note section of my phone. I currently have 324 notes! Whew! As long as I have a title such as: Bible verses for the girls, book list, sermon notes, Netflix movie ideas, or verses about kindness, I can put in a keyword and search for my note. When I hear a beautiful song lyric or encouraging statement on an audiobook, I can quickly add it to my notes.

I don’t pretend to completely understand why writing aids in our growth and learning but I just know it is working for me. And, I feel it will help you.

In an article titled, Why Does Writing Make Us Smarter, The Huffington Post states that writing is beneficial because it is “Visual: Seeing what is on the paper in front of you.
Motor: Using your fine motor skills to actually put the pen to paper and form the letters to make the words. Cognitive: Remembering the shapes of the letters requires a different type of feedback from the brain.”

Dear one, what do you have to lose? Why not take one step today to create a kinder voice inside your head. Pick one of my ideas to implement in writing or create an idea of your own. Whatever you do, stick with it. Release yourself from the bondage of negativity and begin to accept yourself as you are…as God created you.

Ephesians 1:4, For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight.

12 thoughts on “Journey to Acceptance

  1. I really respect a lot of people who write books or articles in magazines etc. A lot of them teach at universities, lead big churches and what not. I even have a couple old school mates like that. And once in a while, I check out their blogs too. But normally… not.

    I acknowledge your limitations and all… My blog is humble too. But I keep yours close by and stop in once in a while. I sense your life is very different from mine. I sense we have probably as much not in common as we have in common. I sense you don’t agree with a lot of what I write, however I noticed again just today the discussion you enjoined regarding giving cigarettes to homeless, and I admired that you took me to task with that.

    I appreciate you. I appreciate your blog. You are not one of those glamour mag blogs. You are a real Christian woman raising babies and loving Jesus for all you are worth. You have special things to offer the world. God has given you this place to share your voice. I hope I honor him when I listen to what you say here.

    I care.

    I like your blog because you love Jesus and you are real. You are just a sampling among a vast sea of others which you are somewhat like, to me, for I really don’t know you… not really. But I sort of know you, and that is real. And I want to be part of your community, even if it is this artificial internet community. It has its limitations, but within them is real Jesus people connecting for his glory. And I like that. I need that.

    Thank you for blogging…

    Agent X
    Fat Beggars School of Prophets
    Lubbock, Texas (USA)

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    1. Agent X, thank you for reading and offering your encouragement and feedback. Just last night, I was telling my husband about your cigarette post. We just fed a homeless man the other day. He gratefully took the food we offered and immediately asked for a cigarette. We didn’t have any. Your post immediately came to mind. Could we have entered into his world a little more had we been able to stand there talking with him a little longer? I don’t know, but probably. Your blog helps me to learn how to do something I do desperately want to do…connect with those in need. Thank YOU for blogging!

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  2. I am an internal/external processor whose response often needs a few more internal days to express itself! I started blogging about 8 years ago – and it has brought me so much closer to the Father and through it, he helped me work through the challenges I was facing! Welcome to the blogahood! Congratulations on your 50 posts! God is good!

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  3. Lisa, even as a kid I took notes. It was the only way I could retain all that I was hearing and learning. It is a habit I still keep. It is amazing how writing helps our hearts and minds to better absorb and apply information.
    Congratulations on your milestone! Blogging is an amazing adventure. One I have been blessed by over and over again.

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